Patio Styles & Options  

At Keystone we aim to build a product that looks less like an addition and more like a foundational part of your property. We have designers that will make any style work on your home and provide stunning visual renderings to give you peace of mind for an 'eyes-on' experience.
Below is just a few of the different style patios completed by Keystone crews. With options for any home or business, giving yourself the additional outdoor living space is a no-brainer this year!

  • Patio cover attached with chingled hip style roof
    Attached Hip Roof
  • Patio Cover attached with shingled hip style roof
    Attached Hip Roof
  • Patio Cover attached to home with shingled gable roof
    Attached Gable Roof
  • Patio Cover attached to home with shingled open gable style roof
    Attached Open Gable
  • Stand Alone Patio Cover with shingle dual open gables
    Stand Alone Open Gable
  • Stand Alone Patio Cover with dual closed gable roof
    Stand Alone Gable Roof
  • Stand Alone Patio Cover with shingled Hip style roof
    Stand Alone Hip Roof
  • L shaped outdoor kitchen in a stucco finish
    Outdoor Kitchen - Stucco
  • L Shaped Kitchen with a stone finish
    Outdoor Kitchen - Stone
  • L Shaped outdoor kitchen with framed box and James Hardie finish
    Outdoor Kitchen - SIding finish

How Do I Get My Estimate? Keystone has a proud history of taking its core value of doing everything to completion, to the max. We take that value into our estimation process. Preview our standard patio cover estimate below and get a good idea of what to expect from a 30-minute meeting with one of our Home Pros. 

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Appliances and Add-Ons

Keystone is proud to be a partner of Cunningham Living based out of Houston, TX.  A willingness to change has kept Cunningham Gas Products alive and thriving for 70 years and through four generations. It has been the driving philosophy behind the company’s evolution from a one-man plumbing outfit to a multifaceted hearth, barbecue and outdoor-living operation with two retail locations. 

Keystone is able to offer grills, BBQ accessories, firepits, patio furniture, outdoor kitchen accessories, outdoor heaters and fans, fireplaces and gas logs, gas lights, and all items/accessories needed for installation.