“Keystone: The central stone at the summit of an arch. The final piece placed during construction which locks all the stones into position”.

A Legacy of Quality and Service.
Keystone first began its service to customers over 40 years ago, in Chicago, when our founder’s late father began the family’s first enterprise. Today, the Keystone Family of Companies honors that legacy through Keystone Home Pros in Houston, their adopted home.
The name “Keystone”, chosen because of its relevance to the world of construction and architecture, conveys the strength and dependability that have been the hallmarks of this family in their business and personal dealings for decades.
Now, after service to tens of thousands of satisfied Texas customers and with countless awards from the BBB, the driving force behind Keystone Home Pros has designed this company to fit the changing landscape of the home improvement industry, with a specific focus on homeowner satisfaction. Fortified by the best brand name products in the business and hand-picked, factory-trained crews, the Keystone Family of Companies will continue to make its mark on communities across the Gulf Coast, benefitting generations to come.

A Personal Pledge from Keystone Management:

When you invite Keystone into your home, we promise you…
• We will install brand-name home improvement products--NOT, cheap, substandard, non-branded imitations. Generic might work for paper towels, but NOT for home improvement products.
• A service experience so good you will tell your friends and neighbors about it.

• Products installed by professionals that have been trained by their manufacturer.

• Fair pricing on our work, with financing options to fit your budget.
• Home improvement projects that enhance the value of your home, improve its energy efficiency and provide a safe, comfortable living experience for your family.
Depend on it!